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NewCoin University represents a global grass roots movement for the creation of a new cryptocurrency (NewCoin) that is free to use, anyone can use it, and it will not rely on the blockchain to maintain the books-of-record.

A transaction free NewCoin will open the world’s financial markets to everyone and promote economic and social equality. It will make every cell phone an international bank capable of instantly sending any amount to anyone anywhere for free for the first time ever.

No other cryptocurrency will ever be able to what NewCoin can and that makes it very unique and extremely valuable.

NewCoin will transcend geographical boundaries and will have the world transacting on a one-to-one basis which will promote world peace.

NewCoin University’s commission program is designed to distribute billions of dollars in NewCoin to billions of people all over the globe.

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Welcome Stellar Development Foundation

February 18, 2021

Please watch the videos and download the spreadsheets and learn […]

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